Community – old

Rather than chasing bigness over the last 30 years or so, our fellowship has worked together to build an inter-generational community where our “family” can grow deeply in devotion to Christ, become strong in the Word of God, and experience depth of community.

Jesus mentioned church only a few times in the Gospels. He spoke of the Kingdom often. We believe that the Kingdom forms the foundation for the work of the Church.

Just as other local churches plan their way and make their contribution to our city, our Fox Creek Community sincerely tries to hear the voice of the Spirit in planting Kingdom seeds. This has led us to an instrumental role in establishing a ranch for at-risk kids, a hit music radio station at 99.5 in Des Moines, an independent radio translator in Ames at 95.5, as well as many other personal choices to “reach out” and engage in good deeds.

As Fox Creek continues to live in kingdom community, we pursue several ongoing passions, both for our own city and for our American culture. These are stand alone missions we have initiated and continue to support with time, gifting, and giving.

If you want to associate with other mission-minded people who are pursuing depth in kingdom spirituality – we welcome you to our Fox Creek Community. 

We think you’re gonna like it! is a concise statement of who we are.

The following video presentations explain our connections to Kingdom teaching and are available as you help others investigate the authenticity of a Kingdom community of believers.


Help you focus and experience the uniqueness of Kingdom Community
Faithfully address Key Distractions to Kingdom Spirituality
Enthusiastically embrace Key Concepts for Kingdom Living
Help you to sift and build your Home Base
Encourage your connection in Spiritual Conversation
Stimulate your own Kingdom Dreams

We Are Fox Creek:

01  A Major Mess
02  Early Rains
03  Rain of Prayer
04  Kingdom Mission
05  10 Year Vision
06  Fragrance
07  Where We Are Going