get to know God

Most human beings are trying to get to know God. We are designed with a void meant to be filled by our Creator alone. Most will spend their lives attempting to fill it with religion and materialism or self or some other god. Knowing God means making Him primary in our lives – having Him fill that void in us. There is nothing inherently wrong with owning possessions or observing traditions, but we want to make sure we find our purpose and joy in Him before we reach out for anything else.

We are a community of believers who are looking to Him for how to learn and study the scriptures through Biblically-centered teaching and interactive exploration of the scriptures.

God’s writings to us offer a chance to piece together the big picture of His story while simultaneously going deeper on matters of faith, life, family, and our eternal place in His Kingdom.

There are lots of things which can benefit our lives. Physical fitness, academic learning, hard work, and relationships. Music, culture, and art can speak to our souls. We intentionally pursue these things and look to Him and His words to put them into context. We invite you to join us as we seek to live full lives based on truth, culture, and our parts within it.